Brandi Andersen, MA, BSN, RN, IBCLC

Brandi Andersen, MA, BSN, RN, IBCLC The Lactation Connection Denver Colorado

Serving Northeast Denver

Central Park, Park Hill, Mayfair, Montclair, Lowry, East Colfax, Montbello, and NW Aurora

Brandi has been a Lactation Consultant since 2014, first working in a hospital birth center, and later in an outpatient OB clinic. She has experience with Baby-Friendly training and practices, and with teaching prenatal breastfeeding classes. Prior experience includes postpartum nursing, and nurse home visits in maternal-child health. Besides a BSN, Brandi holds degrees in Anthropology and studied human adaptation and child growth. She works hard to deliver compassionate, thorough, quality care, while connecting with patients and families. Brandi is grateful for having had the opportunity to work with extraordinary mentors in human lactation. She was taught by one of the best who could beautifully merge technical skills with theoretical backing, and another with a great gift and passion for patient advocacy. Brandi is a mother too, and knows every couplet is unique. She sees education as empowering and as a cornerstone for prevention. She does this work because the support provided to women- to help them overcome challenges and meet their goals- matters.