Providing support as you learn to feed your baby

Your feeding goals and challenges are unique. Navigating all the advice, equipment, and information can be overwhelming.

The Lactation Connection is your source for calm support and guidance.

Our goal is to have as many lactation services covered as possible.

We are in network with Aetna. Click here to check your Aetna eligibility and benefits. 

Additionally we are in-network through The Lactation Network  with the following providers: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem, PNOA, most Cigna plans, United Healthcare (for in-person consultations only) and insurers that work with Multiplan. 

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Support and Guidance

Whether feeding is going well for you and you just have questions, or you are having complex issues that need to be addressed, we are here for you.  Together with you, we will develop a plan that works best for your family.

The Lactation Connection prenatal consultation metro denver


This is an opportunity to get your personal questions addressed before your baby arrives.  You also will learn more about what to expect in the first few days and how to best prepare.


This is a comprehensive evaluation of the current feeding routine, including latch assessment, baby’s oral function, breast exam, and any supplementary feeding methods.  We will provide you with a clear feeding plan.


Together, we will review how things are working and make changes as needed.


Prenatal Breastfeeding classes are a way to learn about breastfeeding while also connecting with other families who are expecting a baby. 

About Us

We are passionate about helping families with all aspects of breastfeeding.

Jenni, Brandi, and Erin are co-founders of The Lactation Connection (TLC).  They are Registered Nurses with extensive experience caring for infant feeding and breast/milk issues.  Together, they are building connections with other providers in the community, including specialists.  With TLC, you have a community of support that continues to grow and collaborate.

Turn things around

You Are Not Alone

Breastfeeding problems are common and you are not alone.  Despite all of your preparation, sometimes things don’t go as planned.  We see you.  Perhaps you have questions or need guidance navigating all the information available.  TLC can help.  We work with your challenges and provide recommendations that are manageable for you.  We want to connect with you and support you during this special time.

The Lactation Connection Erin, Jenni, and Brandi group photo lactation consultants denver colorado

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our community by providing comprehensive lactation support to families on their infant feeding journey.  We are an inclusive practice, honoring individual backgrounds, choices, and unique needs.  We offer outstanding professional care that is supported by evidence-based practices and resources.

Our goal is to empower our clients as they nourish their babies.