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Why Book With Us?

We are Registered Nurses and International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants with many years of experience.

We make house calls, making it easier for you while working with what you use at home.

As a group practice, we cover a lot of different neighborhoods and have each other for back-up when needed.

As nurses, we are trained in physical assessment, and know the value and importance of working with the whole care team.

In support of YOUR goals, we provide individualized, inclusive care and evidence-based resources.

We have experience and know how to advocate for our clients.

We offer online scheduling, payment, consent, and health forms prior to our visit to maximize our time together.

Common reasons to seek a lactation consultant:

  • latch difficulty
  • breast or nipple pain
  • nipple trauma
  • low milk supply
  • over-supply
  • tongue tie
  • tapering from a triple-feeding plan
  • slow weight gain
  • nipple shields
  • inducing lactation
  • co-lactating
  • chestfeeding support
  • questions about infant milk transfer
  • twins/multiples
  • breastfeeding after breast surgery
  • hormonal challenges
  • flat or inverted nipples
  • difficult birth
  • questions about medications in milk
  • low birthweight
  • preterm and late preterm babies
  • infant oral challenges
  • cleft lip and palate
  • pumping plans
  • back to work
  • weaning
  • and more!

Our goal is to have as many lactation services covered as possible.

We are in network with Aetna. Click here to check your Aetna eligibility and benefits. 

Additionally we are in-network through The Lactation Network with the following providers: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem, PNOA, most Cigna plans, United Healthcare (for in-person consultations) and insurers that work with Multiplan. 

Click the button below to see if our services are fully covered by your insurance via The Lactation Network.

Our Services

The Lactation Connection prenatal consultation metro denver

Prenatal Consultation — $75

Telehealth ~45 MINUTES

A prenatal lactation consultation is an excellent way to focus on your unique circumstances.  We will review what to expect after delivery and in the first days.  We will address specific situations such as breast surgeries, or other medical history that might impact breastfeeding.

We also recommend that you take a prenatal breastfeeding class.

The Lactation Connection initial breastfeeding consult metro denver

Initial Consultation — $190*


The first visit typically takes 90 minutes.  Medical history is completed before the visit.  In the comfort of your home, we fully assess the current feeding routine.  We complete a physical assessment of you and your baby.  We weigh your baby before and after feeding.  We observe a full feeding by whatever means you are currently feeding your baby. Then, we discuss and develop a personalized feeding plan to support your feeding goals.

Your initial consult includes 2 weeks of follow-up phone/email/secure messaging support.  A more in-depth evaluation is best done with a follow-up consult.

*There is a $50 surcharge for twins/multiples.

Follow-up Consultation — $130*


Visits typically take 60 minutes and we re-evaluate the initial feeding plan. This is an opportunity to see if the plan is manageable for you, if progress is being made, or if other changes are recommended. 

*There is a $50 surcharge for twins/multiples.

Telehealth Consultation — $75

virtual visit ~45 MINUTES

Virtual visits can be used for prenatal consults, some follow-up visits, during inclement weather, or when health concerns prohibit direct contact.  Virtual visits are at the discretion of the Lactation Consultant.

The Lactation Connection denver metro breastfeeding classes and support groups

Breastfeeding Classes — $40

In-person group ~2.5 hours

In our Prenatal Breastfeeding Class, you will learn how breastfeeding works, latch and positioning, when to feed your baby, getting enough milk, breast care, and breastfeeding lifestyle.